The SU (re-)election results are in

Sussex students don’t seem to like change very much


After a week of flyer-filled annoyance, the results of the SU elections and referenda were announced this weekend. Sadly, our faves Jonny, Emily and former editor Liam did not make the cut.

jonny4 emily profile

The 2015/16 Full-time Officers will be Rianna Gargulio (welfare) , Bethan Hunt (undergrad education) , Lyndsay Burtonshaw (activities) , Sarah Gibbons (society and citizenship) Rose Taylor (postgrad education) and Abe Baldry (president).

The Full-time Officer line-up is almost identical to 2014/2015.

The 2015/16 Part-time Officers will be Pippa, Jaja, Rachel & Caroline.


You also voted in favour of keeping tobacco products in the union shop. 43 per cent wanted it removed, but a majority of 57 per cent want to keep smoking on your breaks from the library.

The SU will also endorse the BDS against Israel thanks to a 68 per cent majority vote. This will not affect individuals from Israel who wish to lecture, study, or visit, but is rather a boycott of large Israeli academic and business institutions.