This is what it’s like to do the Brighton Naked Bike Ride

Sun’s out, bums out

Tab poll results: ‘Sweet’ Caroline backed by over a third of Sussex Uni

She so dreamy

How are you going to vote on Thursday?

Is this ‘Students for Caroline’ thing just a fad?

Sussex and Brighton rated shockingly low for student satisfaction

Are we really so bad, or are you lot just very hard to please?

Sussex comes top 30 in uni popularity contest


Lib Dem soc blast Greens for ‘illegal and dishonest’ antics on campus

‘Students for Caroline’ have been persuading students to hand over their right to vote to Green campaigners

Sussex Police under fire for ‘victim-blaming’ rape prevention poster

A lot of people are livid

Local man puts a strain on the DVLA by wearing a colander in his photo for ‘religious reasons’

Eccentric dad Ian is challenging the DVLA who have told him to remove his “religious headgear” from his driving licence photo – because it’s a colander

Library evacuated after suspected fire

Frustrated finalists forced to abandon dissies

Shooshh starts to breathalyse clubbers

Shooshh staff will breathalyze punters who appear to be too drunk.

Sussex medic to do 10k after overcoming rare disorder which made her faint every time she stood up

The joints in her arms, shoulders, hips and knees dislocate at random

What are Brighton’s best cafés to study in?

Let’s face it, Starbucks is too expensive and Costa and Nero just aren’t vibesin’

Speaking aloud banned on campus as part of safe space policy

What do you mean ‘check the date’?

The SU (re-)election results are in

Sussex students don’t seem to like change very much

A guy tried to break into my house because he was so drunk he thought he still lived there

‘He was so wasted he forgot where he’d been living for the past year’

How has uni changed you?

Apparently you all feel more independent than Destiny’s Child

Sussex campus style

It’s nearly the end of term, but we haven’t all given up and started wearing onesies to lectures just yet

Family of murdered Brighton Uni student Janet Miller pay tribute to their daughter

She was found dead in a burning car

Sussex and Brighton rivalry peaks as varsity kicks off

We just love to hate each other

Meet Jonny Harris: Rugby legend and future activities officer

Always use a jonny