Fine feline: Have you seen the library cat?

You have cat to be kitten me right meow

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A cat which keeps breaking into the library has been causing quite the stir on campus.

Library staff say that the loveable brown tabby has been keen on loitering around the library for months on end now, but that he has gotten “a lot more bold over the last two weeks”. They also reckon he is getting a lot more creative.

One member of staff said: “He doesn’t just wait at the front gates for students to let him in anymore, he’ll try and get in any way he can”.

So, why is he here? What does it all mean? Staff do not suspect he is a stray, but rather that he lives locally and likes to go in search of crumbs from the library cafe in the evenings.

Photograph courtesy of Jade Reed

Students are speculating that he just fancies a cheeky “meowthamatics” revision sesh. There has also been speculation as to the name of the mysterious feline.

A member of library staff said: “There have been bets among the staff about the name of the cat, and the students like to join in too. The most popular choice seems to be ‘Library Cat'”. Creative.

Students seem keen on having a furry friend to keep them company during all-nighters, and so do staff, but they realise it is just not possible. One member of staff said: “as much as we love the cat, it’s a health hazard when you consider the cafe. Also, some students may have allergies”.

We salute you, Library Cat. You are the purr-fect addition to essay writing. Can we have your paw-tograph?