St Andrews is officially the best uni in Scotland and third in the UK

Only Oxbridge beat us and tbh fair

league table st Andrews third top 10 university

St Andrews has retained its place as the best university in Scotland and the third-best university in the UK overall, according to a new league table.

The Complete University Guide ranks 145 unis from all over the UK on Entry Standards, Student Satisfaction, Research Quality, Research Intensity, and Graduate Prospects.

Only Cambridge (first) and Oxford (second) edged us out, which is fair enough, but we did smash Edinburgh (15th) and Glasgow (19th).

St Andrews also made one of the biggest improvements in Medicine. Jumping up 17 places into the top ten, St Andrews ranked 8th for the subject.

We came first in the UK for student satisfaction and second for entry standards, beating Oxford.

Twenty five subjects at St Andrews ranked in the top 10 for subject league tables, including History, German, Physics, Geology and Classics.

The University came in the top 10 for academic services spend (4th), student-staff ratio (4th), degree completion (8th) and good honours (8th).

With an overall score of 96%, St Andrews remains one of the most consistent top universities in the league tables despite one of the most uncertain years for both incoming and current students.

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