A DJ activist is coming to St Andrews for this year’s DONT WALK

Let’s get political

The musician Mall Grab, real name is Jordon Alexander, is coming to St Andrews next week. The artist and activist is best known for his songs, "Liverpool Street in the Rain" and "I've Always Liked Grime". His recent EP, "Don't Keep the Fire Burning", was a response to raise awareness and funds for the Australian Bushfires.

He'll be appearing at this year's DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show which is back on Saturday 29th February. They've committed to cutting down on single-use plastics and are taking their new focus on sustainability seriously.

They told The Tab that we can expect a fashion experience reflecting what we as students are ever conscious of: the growing environmental issues.

The fashion show have also partnered with The Rainforest Alliance, which they announced back in August following the Amazon Rainforest fires, with the idea that "another world is possible" to do their bit in creating a better planet. As always, the partner charities are important to DONT WALK, who have so far raised over £300,000 during their time in St Andrews.

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The big event will also be followed by an afterparty, headlined by the producer and DJ Mall Grab. In case you didn't know, Mall Grab is an Australian house and techno artist, based in London, who has been tearing up the scene at various Boiler Rooms, festivals and club nights and has garnered a global following, playing in venues worldwide from Barcelona to Tokyo.

This year, DONT WALK are also responding to both local and global climate change concerns, consciously aiming to create and provide a sustainable event. The creative directors, Ania Juszczyk and Mark Chong, describe the creative concept as "the exploration of the hyper material world and its conflict against nature."

DONT WALK has told The Tab that they are "really pushing young, creative student talent, who put an emphasis on using sustainable materials and innovative techniques, so it makes for a really interesting, diverse and immersive show," and that 80% of the designers are actually fully sustainable.

They are also aiming to go greener and cleaner by using cruelty-free makeup on the models, cutting back on single use plastics at the bar and providing more sustainable transport and plant-based food options.

With all this in mind, grab whatever fashion-forward items you have in your wardrobe (recycling an outfit isn't a crime!). Although the Fashion Show is invite-only, you can view the event and afterparty here.