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You can now vote journals out of the library to make more space for students

If anyone votes to keep the journals please leave asap

You, the students, complained. The University of St Andrews listened. For one time, and one time only, there is a chance to dramatically improve your chances at actually getting a seat during the revision period.

The library has just opened up the opportunity for all students to vote on whether print journals should be moved to make space for student seating. This would ultimately free up the entirety of level four in the library.

There's no word yet on how many seats could be put in this area, but it could potentially make a real difference to the student experience. Especially given that the library only has 1,000 seats for 8,000 students.

Access to journals may not be limited at all. Plans have been drawn up to potentially put print journals "online" or, at the very least, available by the next working day.

This move will ultimately have more an impact on Honours and postgrad students. Sub-honours students can probably get away with using the bare-minimum that JSTOR has to offer.

The bad news? These seats won't be freed up until 2020, as part of the university library's redevelopment plan. However, third years and fourth years, take one for the team so the future of St Andrews don't have to get up at 8AM to try and get a seat in the library in week 11.

The poll can be found here, or they have been emailed to your university email address :