An interview with Welly Ball: Yes, there will be more food this year

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Lucy Sharp, the Marketing Director of the Welly Ball, talks about this year’s event.

Wellies and black tie make for a fairly unique combination. How will the committee be decorating the venue to encapsulate this blend of formal and down-to-earth?

Lucy Sharp, Marketing Director: I don’t want to reduce the wow factor on arrival so won’t give too much away now. But I can say that wellies will, of course, feature heavily. Also look out for the new colour scheme! We will also be incorporating our charity and sponsors throughout, so keep an eye out for free giveaways from our very generous sponsors.

Tell us about your sponsors this year?

LS: We have several fantastic and generous sponsors this year, including Eden Mill, Emily Fruit Crisps, Joules, Tunnocks, Propercorn, Forgans, The Vic, Thistly Cross Cider, Whyte and Mackay, and Cotswolds Distillery. As I mentioned before, there will be freebies available on the night!


Many non-dinner guests would be curious to know: What sort of food will be available at the after-party?

LS: This year we are providing Blackhorn, for all those of you who love a Butler’s wrap, and also a Buffalo food truck.

Welly Ball 2015 will be held in support of Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. What can you tell us about the charity and its goals, and why did the committee select CWMT in particular to be their chosen charity?

LS: Of course. CWMT raises awareness of depression and mental health problems in young adults, and more specifically strives to reduce the associated stigma. We supported CWMT for the first time last year and are really excited to be doing so again. The people there are all fantastic and as it is a small charity, our donation is hugely appreciated.

Last year we were drawn to CWMT because mental health is a very relatable cause. We wanted to move away from the agriculture charities we had supported in the past and raise money for a cause that many of us have been exposed to in some form. The tremendous support we had last year for CWMT made the decision to go with them again an easy one.


What sort of menu can the dinner guests expect?

LS: So this year we are introducing a new caterer, which, after several complaints about food shortages in past years, we hope will be a success! Guests can expect a hog roast similar to last year but with a few more sides and bigger quantities.

Can you give us a preview of the night’s entertainment? Bands, DJs, A Capella?

LS: Headlining this year is the wonderful Model Aeroplanes – check them out on YouTube if you haven’t already, I promise they’re awesome. We also have a cover band, the Black Sheep Music Society, and DJs Joe Jones and Ali Ellis. We’re importing Ali from Edinburgh – he comes highly recommended.


Are you introducing anything new that you are all particularly excited about?

LS: Umm I would say the new caterer is one of the biggest changes from last year, and our Edinburgh DJ of course. We also have our own take on a raffle this year. Rather than purchasing raffle tickets at ticket sales, there will be Golden Tickets on offer – dinner guests, keep an eye out!

Photos courtesy of Lightbox Creative.