‘Campus will be open in September,’ Soton University announces

The Uni wants to provide a ‘significant face-to-face component’ to teaching next year

Soton and Winchester campuses will be open for the new academic year, Southampton University has announced.

Southampton University has released a statement saying they are wanting to provide a “significant face-to-face component” of teaching and learning next year. It says: “Our position is clear”, and campuses will be open from 28 September 2020.

When universities across the UK shut their doors amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many students have wondered whether they will be returning to Uni come September. Some Universities, including Manchester and Cambridge, have already announced their plans for online learning in the next academic year.

Soton Uni are keen to welcome as many students as they can back to the University despite the pandemic. They are working through the practical details of the plan in order to ensure a safe campus environment.

Soton’s statement says: “We will at all times be guided by the prevailing government and medical advice”. The Uni has made it clear safety measures such as limiting numbers and gatherings, and ensuring social distancing, will be put in place to ensure the safety of staff and students.

The potential face-to-face education will also be combined with the Uni’s “blended approach” of individual and group online learning. This, of course, will be based on the situation and government guidelines come September.

Ultimately, the developments of the coronavirus pandemic will dictate the “balance between face-to-face and online education,” but the Uni’s statement says they are committed to providing a “rich and fulfilling education experience” for all new and returning students.

Earlier this month, a University spokesperson told The Soton Tab that whilst it is a very frustrating time, the Uni is keen to bring campuses “back to life as places to work, research and study,” but that this is only possible when there is confidence it can be done safely.

The Uni says “greater clarity” and more details will follow at the end of June, whilst they continue to work out the logistics of the new academic year.

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