Soton Goes Dating happened over FaceTime this week, but would they want to meet irl?

Was she the Apple of his iPhone?

This social distancing thing has created all sorts of trouble for Soton Goes Dating. How were they going to spark a romance when all the pubs, restaurants, and bars are closing? And they have to keep a two-metre distance? Ugh. The only solution was a FaceTime to FaceTime date.

So, Ally and Unni went on a date last night, via FaceTime. Yes, that’s right, he was speaking to her through cameraphone while sitting in his car. He picked her up at seven, figuratively speaking.

Ally – Fashion Marketing

First impressions?

He’s a really sweet boy and easy to talk to.

What did you talk about?

How we’re getting on at uni, the coronavirus, obviously, and our plans for summer, what festivals we’re going to. We seem to have a similar music taste.

Any awkward moments?

No there weren’t really any awkward moments thank god!

Describe Unni in three words?

Outgoing, bubbly and chatty.

How did FaceTime affect the date?

The FaceTime was pretty weird at first but I kind of forgot about it after a bit, but I think I would have preferred a face to face first date to properly get to know that person and what they’re about.

Do you think you’d meet in person?

I definitely do think I’d like to see Unni again, but in person this time, we got on well and bounced off each other nicely.

Unni – Mechanical Engineering

First impressions?

She seemed like very chill, easy to talk to, it’s what we love to see!

What did you talk about?

Where we’re from originally, what we do, normal stuff, and then stuff like how I got my black eye whilst playing drunk lacrosse without a helmet – excuse the black eye in the pictures.

Any awkward moments?

Nah not really.

Describe Ally in three words?

Funny, sound and cheery.

How did FaceTime affect the date?

My signal is proper wank, I tend not to see blurry people or be ‘reconnecting’ during a real-life date.

Do you think you’d meet in person?

Sure, she seems nice.

Woo! It went well despite the circumstances. Soton Goes Dating – 1, Coronavirus – 0. Let’s hope they can continue the love story in person in the not too distant future.

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