We paired two total stunners for the first Soton Goes Dating, but how did it go?

Could they be Soton’s next hottest couple?

Cast your minds back to October when applications for Soton Goes Dating started piling in. Well, we finally thought we’d found a perfect match, two students who were both still eager to give this blind date a go, and so off we sent them to start their life-long romance last Tuesday evening (25th). Not even the promise of pancakes could deter them from their quest for love.

Before the date, Lily said she was hoping to meet a “tall, blonde Harry Styles with a better dress sense.” RT.

James said “I’ve never been on a blind date before, I just hope we don’t know each other or it’s awks.”

Wrapped in a black fluffy jacket and skinny jeans, Lily didn’t have to venture far to meet James, who was waiting for her at Trago Lounge (naturally), donning a checkered puffer. When we told James what she would be wearing so he could spot her, he said “basic bitch I love it.” Ummmm

To put them both at ease before meeting we told them what the other studied, to which James said “Oh god I have a terrible track record with psychologists.” It was all sounding so promising…

Waiting for your date to turn up like

Heartbreakingly, love wasn’t in the air

They bought each other a round of drinks for the two hours they were there, but sadly they decided a second date was not on the cards. Cheers, Cupid’s crying.

Asking Lily how the date went, she said “We got on well but we were complete opposites. He’s more athletic and spontaneous than me.”

James: “It was good fun, she was a lovely girl but she seemed a bit young. I felt more mature than her.”

Lily: “It wasn’t awkward at all, it was just friends vibes. We talked about uni, what we’d be doing after uni.”

So the date kind of, well, flopped, but at least they got on as mates, right? No awkwardness, just a few beverages between pals in candlelit venue.

They’d give it another go, but with someone else

James: “What’s there to lose? It was a fun experience, even if we’re not compatible. You’ve got no clue who it’s gonna be, what they’re gonna look like.”

Lily: “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Fancy your chances? We’re sending students of all genders and sexualities on blind dates, in the hope of finding Soton’s next hottest couple. To enter you can apply here.

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