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Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelorette 2019: Winner revealed!

The surfer has won our hearts


We asked for Southampton Uni's Most Eligible Bachelorettes and you guys didn't disappoint. After SO many nominations and three heats of outstandingly good looking Soton girls, there can be only one winner.

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We've had Dark Fruit lovers, Cara Delevingne lookalikes and an abundance of great selfies, but it seems surfing skills is what Soton students really want, as 2019's Most Eligible Bachelorette goes to the surfer herself, Alex Grenham!

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Alex was described by her mates as an "all round pretty sick gal" who's fave hobbie is DJing at the biggest house parties in Soton. She's apparently "small and spicy" and looking someone who is as into adventure as she is.

She also has a great Instagram aesthetic!

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The Soton Tab asked Alex what this magical moment means to her and this is what she said: "Winning Soton's Most Eligible Bachelorette means that I can ditch another day of diss work to celebrate such a momentous occasion. Thanks to Ellie Ribbits for the nomination and all the fans for voting."

Alex is currently surfing in Portugal (what a life) and told us "I just got a cheeky wink from a street performer, one could infer I've gone viral."

Well done Alex! All that's left to say is you're really cool and very fit.

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