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Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2019: Winner revealed!

Seasonal dating it is

After over a hundred entries and three very tight heats, we finally have Soton's Most Eligible Bachelor 2019 (yay!!).

It may have taken a few weeks and some reminders to vote (yes we saw the Crushampton post) but we've certainly found him.

It's Mr. Sebi Bramah woo!

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After being described by his mates as a little lonely at uni, Sebi came out on top because of his keen desire to find himself the perfect Soton girlfriend. What's more eligible bachelor than that? Also, the mention of his mum definitely got us all a little mushy.

Plus, not sure anyone quite realised just how tall he is, as you can see below.

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And he has very suave fashion sense and excellent posing skills.

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In true Soton Tab style, we asked him for a few words on what it meant to make it to be crowned the winner of this prestigious award.

Sebi said he wanted to give his mate "Albie Wilson a shout out for the nomination" and for sending him on his Most Eligible Bachelor journey.

Sebi is now "curious to see what's in store next" and reports he has had A LOT of recognition on nights out recently. We'll take part of the credit for that one.

He finished by saying it truly is "a once in a lifetime opportunity" to be crowned winner. Cute.

Let's hope it all ends with him finding himself that girlfriend.