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Soton fresher comes home and finds her flat door has been unscrewed and put back upside down

Definitely the most committed prank we’ve seen

Southampton freshers, you've really outdone yourselves this year with the number of halls-room pranks you've pulled off since September. We've had students wrapping the entirety of their flatmate's belongings in Christmas paper, we've had rooms filled to the ceiling with balloons, we've had cling film EVERYWHERE.

However, this prank, which involves a screwdriver, a door and a mere two hours, has set a whole new standard. For the full video check out our Insta story.

When Emily returned home to her flat in Monte Halls after a couple of hours working hard through a 2km rowing test (congrats Emily), she noticed something wasn't quite right about her room door.

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After looking a bit closer, she realised her door had been completely removed from its hinges and put back upside down.

Looking around for some clues on wtf could've happened, she noticed that just by the door, on the floor, was a perfect little pile of screws.

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It turns out that while Emily was out, Dom (the guilty flatmate) returned home a bit drunk after drinks with some friends and took his opportunity on a prank he'd been "planning for weeks".

He managed to unscrew the whole door, flip it round and prop it back in just the right position.

Dom was so keen to achieve this Mission Impossible-style prank that he had thought through exactly how he was going to manage it ages ago and had the screwdriver ready and waiting for his chance to strike.

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Emily also told The Soton Tab that after she came home from Sobar that night, the door had been magically re-secured back the right way – such stealth, Dom.

After hearing this story, the only advice we can offer you is: if you're home for Easter break and you haven't locked your doors, get ready.

For the full video and other fun stories, head to The Soton Tab Instagram.