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This flat covered their housemate’s entire room in wrapping paper

They said it took them three days


What would you do if one of your flatmates left for the weekend? Probably find yourself bored out of your mind without having your best mate to hang out with.

However, that wasn't the case for South Hill flat 002-009 block A, who took it upon themselves to wrap all their flatmate's belongings in Christmas paper whilst he was away.

They wrapped everything: his kitchen knives, his duvet, shower head, shirts, pens, even his toilet seat.

The full video is on The Soton Tab Insta.

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We spoke to Jamie, one of the culprits, who told us the flat discovered one of their flatmates, Archie, had left his room unlocked after going home for the weekend. Knowing Archie wouldn't be back for another four days, they "knew they had to do something".

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The members of the South Hill flat

Their original plan was to turn everything in Archie's room upside down, until one of them had the seasonally appropriate idea of wrapping all his things in Christmas wrapping paper.

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Poor, unsuspecting Archie in the middle

So off they went to Aldi to pick up the necessary equipment: £6 worth of wrapping paper and some sticky tape.

It was a big job, so they enlisted some people from Chamberlain to help them out. Jamie said it took them "five hours spread over three days in all", which isn't surprising considering every single thing from Archie's shoes to his bathroom tap was wrapped up.

They even wrapped up the clothes in his wardrobe.

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And all his kitchen utensils and food.

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Despite all this hard work, Archie's reaction was apparently slightly disappointing. He said because Archie knew he'd left his room unlocked, he suspected his flatmates would take full advantage. But could anyone really predict a completely Christmas wrapped room?

Unfortunately for Archie, it apparently took him around three hours to unwrap everything.

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We defo rate their determination and Christmas spirit! We're sure this will inspire many of you reading this…so if you're going home for the weekend we recommend you lock your doors.

Head to The Soton Tab Insta for the full video.