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Have your say about the new Vice-Chancellor

The Uni wants to know what you think!

As a lot of you may know, Southampton Uni’s Vice-Chancellor Sir Christopher Snowden has announced his upcoming retirement.

In their quest to find a replacement, the uni has asked both staff and students to answer a survey outlining what they expect from the new Vice Chancellor, which they will then use in the interview and selection process.

Whoever is appointed will have a huge amount of influence over how the university is run over the next few years.

Following the controversy last year over university spending, in which it emerged Southampton had claimed nearly £400K of expenses for its senior staff (the highest in the country according to Channel 4's Dispatches programme), this is an important and telling time for the University.

Being given a say in how our uni is going to be governed and what we expect from the body that chooses how our tuition fees are spent, is a great opportunity for the students. After all, you pay a lot of money to be here so you may as well have your say. Especially since this will probably be the biggest change the uni will see in your time here.

The survey is only three questions long (it’ll take about 10-15 minutes depending on how "ranty" you want to get) and asks you to outline the attributes and background experience you expect from the candidates.

The third question asks: "Is there anything else we should consider when making the appointment?" This is an opportunity to give your opinion on the changes you feel the new VC should make to the university.

Do you want more student/management communication and transparency? A VC focused on mental health or equality? A platform to offer your views on how the University should be spending its money? This is your chance.

After all, it’s the end of Freshers', we’re all a bit tired and emotional… who isn’t up for a little rant?

You can take the survey here!