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Why all the excuses you use to stay in are trash

‘Too much work’ is never acceptable

We all have that friend that refuses to go out, even though they secretly want to. We've all been that friend, using the same old excuses time and time again. Staying in for the sake of saving money, or something else boring. But when the sesh calls, you should always answer, and none of these excuses are reason not to.

I have no money

We’ve all mastered the art of pres for this exact reason. No one says you have to buy drinks when you’re out – that’s up to you! Even if you spend outside your limits, you can live off of noodles and canned soup until the next time your mum comes to visit and fills up your fridge for you. And if you really can’t hack the student diet – what do you think your overdraft is for?

I’m too tired

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I have a friend that was so tired from months of seshing that she slept for a solid 33 hours. No word of a lie. We all thought she had died. Only tiredness on that level is reason to stay in. Otherwise, if you’re still awake then you're good to go. Jaegerbombs have caffeine in them for a reason.

I’ve already been out this week

Do you hate fun?

It’s raining

You’re going from your house to a taxi, to a club, then back in a taxi. The only time you’re going to be outside is in the queue. Clubbing isn't an outdoor event. If you’re that bothered then grab your brolly/raincoat. You’re only going to be in the rain for about ten minutes at most anyway.

I don’t feel very well

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I’m sure you’ll feel better once you’ve had a bit of a dance, champ.

I don’t want to drink

You don’t have to! Just come out and have some fun!

I’ve got too much work

The literal worst excuse, especially when deadlines are miles off. No one is going to voluntarily do their work at 3am. We’ve all seen that video of that dude doing his essay in the club. If you’re really that committed to your deadlines then you can bring your laptop along.

I don’t feel like it

Admittedly, at least this one is honest. But let’s not lie; it’s not a good enough reason to skip the sesh. We’ve all been there – eating pasta at 8:30 in your pyjamas and watching Netflix. There’s nothing in the world that you want to do less than put on an uncomfy pair of jeans, neck a bottle of echo falls and stand in a nightclub queue. But as your mum always says; it’ll be fine once you get there, and deep down you know it’s true. You’re going to have a good time, so (unless the thought of it actually, genuinely makes you want to cry) get up and get out.