These are the worst pictures clogging up your Instagram

Take better pics people

Instagram can be a source of agony. After all, we all know the searing pain of stalking former crushes and accidentally double-tapping 30 weeks deep.

We also know the horror of watching your sacred Instagram feed become polluted by cliché and cringe pictures taken by that one friend who just doesn’t get it. If you know anyone posting any of these awful pictures, do the rest of us a favour and pull them aside for a quick word.

The ‘look how hard I’m working’

They aren’t actually working, are they? They make their desk either tactically messy or neat depending on which type of work pic they usually lean towards. Then they edit the picture with Afterlight, VSCO Cam, Whitagram or the “Nashville” Instagram filter if they’re not quite dedicated enough.

By the time they’re done they’ve wasted nearly ten minutes of what should have been committed revision time, and that’s before we consider the amount of times they’ll pick up their phone over the next hour to check how many likes they’re raking in.

#studentlife #ihatework #canfirstyearbeoveralready

The Kim Kardashian mirror selfie

These people are shameless. They break their backs to make their bums look voluptuous while pursing their lips to achieve the perfect cheekbones. The end results are horrific.

The icing on the cake is when these lonely selfies are tagged with “night out with the girlies” – where are the girlies exactly?

#outwiththegirlies #OOTN #allblackeverything

#outwiththegirlies #OOTN #allblackeverything #bum

The student dinner

Controversially, some people think all food photos should be banned. Nobody needs that kind of negativity in their life though, we’re all for pictures of pretty food. Pictures of a student Christmas roast? Possibly not. One thing that can be said for definite: a picture of baked beans making toast soggy is never Instagram-appropriate.


#housechristmasdinner #studentliving #studentfood

The ‘Outfit Of The Day’

Who the hell is taking pictures of these fashionistas? Do they ask a pal to take a pic while they pose on campus? Or a random passer-by? Do they plan these pictures? Why?

#OOTD #campusstyle #rhul #naturalshot #didntrealisethephotowasbeingtaken

The identical outtakes

Instagram is about quality, not quantity. Save your annoying posey outtakes for Facebook, because they’re contaminating our beautiful Instagram feeds with all of these shots only they care about? It’s unnecessary.

#lastnight #nightout #lol #outtakes

The quote

Yes, some people really love them, but come on. The person posting this didn’t write it. If they think it’s that deep and profound, they should stick it on their bedroom wall, not subject us to this torture.

Top tip: the unfollow button is at the top of their profile.


#preachit #truth #thatsme #cheers

The ‘OMG what happened last night?!?!?’ selfie

If they honestly don’t know, they should just ask their friends. Chances are they actually do know but just want to make their night seem more “mental” than it really was.

#hungover #whathappenedlastnight #nomemory

The pre/post-workout pic

Surely it feels silly taking a picture in the gym? Why not focus on actually working out? Even worse are the fitness videos people put up. Save it for Snapchat boys and girls.


#gains #fitspo #hardworkpayingoff #gym #protein

The heavily-edited campus pic

People at Royal Holloway are particularly fantastic at this. Yes, Founders is beautiful, but we’re all fed up of being tutted at when we walk past and get in the way of someone’s pic.  

#rhul #founders #nofilter #edgy

The ironic Throwback Thursday

#tbt #weweresoembarrassing

#tbt #weweresoembarrassing

TBTs can be funny, but some people seem to think using it as a chance to tag pics from the day before is the height of wit. They’re usually the same people who post: “Sorry I haven’t posted in a while”. Who are they talking to? Nobody noticed or cared about their absence, and nobody finds them funny.

Cringe ‘bae’ pictures

These are the reason Instagram isn’t as popular as Facebook. No one wants to see these try-hard pictures, unless they’re extremely funny/sarcastic. Stop trying to get Instagram famous, we can’t bear it any longer.


#sistasb4mistas #thegals #bae

The sooner all these Insta-wreckers are stopped, the sooner we can go back to having scenic, artsy feeds.