Kings and queens of RHUL: it’s Halloween’s best dressed!

Nothing but boo’s and bae’s x

Hard to imagine something scarier than Covid this year but this year’s Halloween costumes didn’t disappoint. From scary to sexy, you get to witness who looked better than a Christmas without lockdown.

Wedderburn B1A, First Year

IT is a vibe, this flat went all out and looked great doing IT. Shame one dropped out and the rest are in self-isolation.


Tiki and Henry, Second Year

After having come out of rehab this summer, these two said “now we’ve lost the alcohol, let’s keep our sense of humour” and decided to come as their old beverages of choice.

‘AA’ is a smashing idea.


Vienna and Jacquees, Third Year

Name a better love story than this, I’ll wait.

Our star-crossed heroines are going on their first date tonight after meeting Friday. Britney-ish and Burley Quinn, you have me and this photo to thank, you’re welcome x


Mads, Jake, and Hanna, Third Year

This tall Amazonian trio met due to them being only able to fit in the XL Prius. They really hit it off though and their band launches next week, keep out for Hell’s Next Top Models x


Jeffrey and Pubert, First Year

Boys in Black, Men in Black’s less physically matured cousins x

Nabial, Masters

Nabial decided to keep it simple and come as a citizen after having renewed his visa. Congrats Nab and I hope you like living in the U.K!