Isabel Gonzalez-Prendergast

Royal Holloway Co-editor of The Tab

Isabel Gonzalez-Prendergast
Royal Holloway


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And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell

I tried the Makeup Eraser

It’s bloody brilliant

The best and worst things about having braces

Remember when you had to get them tightened?

I tried fake freckles

Don’t bother

Red Cup Company SU Takeover: 50 Shades of Red will be the best night this term

There will be give-aways and sexual health workshops

Meet your new SU President, Natasha Barrett

She wants to increase the number of accessible, cheap nights out

We asked final year students if they’re looking forward to graduating

More drinks please

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Why does Tuesday night not exist?

Gossip Girl$: Dressing like Blair and Serena on a budget

It doesn’t look as good when it’s high street

Stop using the phrase ‘this one’

It’s insincere and meaningless

No one actually reads in reading week

Soz if you don’t get one

The stages of walking up the back gate hill before your 9am

Feet, don’t fail me now

Are you RHUL’s maddest finalist?

Have you started wearing less and going out more?

‘This year’s freshers are the rowdiest bunch I can remember’: The Tab chats to Thomas Holloway

He still loves Jane more than Blue VK’s and Runnymede Chicken

Eastbourne is nearly as great as Brighton

Bourne to be the best

Second year verbally abused at SU for being gay

A girl threatened to hurt him

This fourth year’s Drake Christmas jumper is all you need this winter

This can only mean one thing

Victory for Tab campaign: SU support swipe-card access for back gate

The issue is being raised with senior members of College management

Meet our Hollo-ween best dressed winners: The spud team

Most people thought they were naan breads

We followed the Mean Girls dress code for a week

We left the actual world and entered Girl World

Royal Holloway ranked 32nd best uni in UK

So what if Reading came 31st?

Every type of person at this weekend’s paint party

So much paint

Red Cup Company tell us about their plans to raise £2k for Syrian refugees

‘I think the country could do more, not just Royal Holloway’

These animal lovers are fed up of being hated by their pets

‘Our other cat died recently and Molly couldn’t give less of a shit’

How to have the perfect end of term picnic

Above all else, make sure it’s sunny

Royal Holloway sinks below St Mary’s Twickenham in graduate prospect rankings

Not even your 2:1 can help you now

These are the worst pictures clogging up your Instagram

Take better pics people

Whoever keeps locking the back gate needs to stop

It pisses everybody off

We asked everyone what they look for in a Valentine’s date

You’re going to need nice teeth and man buns