The definitive list of every single type of Royal Holloway student

From the pub crawler to the campus model

Read on to find out once and for all which RoHo personality you really are:

The Davison building lover

Your second home is the library. Whether you just need to do some reading or you are actually writing an essay, you are always found in the library. You probably wear noise-cancelling headphones and type at a ridiculous speed, but you actually end up making loads of mistakes. Honestly, you sound like you are killing the letters on your keyboard. It isn’t clear whether you love studying or you are a complete stress-pot who thinks they need to be constantly doing work. Whatever the time, if you aren’t busy, a library trip fills your schedule. You’re most likely a stressed second year, who feels as if they never get a break.

Your mum probably tells you to go out more often and it’s then when you know you’ve hit a low point.


only 3rd years should do this 24/7

Mr pub crawler

Whether clubs are open or not, you always prefer a pub night. You refer to the pubs by nicknaming them either ‘The Man’ or ‘The Gun’. It doesn’t matter if a pub is the opposite side of Egham, you will still go there five out of seven nights a week and ruin your already overworn white Converse. You probably drink Thatchers and are from the South. Often the life of the party, a pub night is the highlight of the week and the downfall of the week when you spend it hungover with a half-eaten pizza in bed, finally remembering you have an essay due tomorrow. Or was it next week? Who knows.


let’s pretend it’s our first drink x

The night owl

Daytime lifestyle isn’t your thing, you come alive at night. It will be 2am in the morning and you’ll decide it is the perfect time to cook dinner and go for a walk. Most of your housemates don’t see you until the afternoon and even then you seem tired and ready for the night to come. Your most productive hours are between midnight and 5am; this is when you get your uni work done. Essays are never looked at during the day and you leave them all to the night before. Your diet consists of RedBull and outdated crisps because you never find time to buy food.


The one who is always drunk

To you, coming here was never about studying. It was about the lifestyle of partying and getting drunk and doing it all over again. It doesn’t matter whether it is 10 pm or 11 am, you will always say yes to alcohol. Always. In the evening you go crazy, shot after shot enjoying every single one. You never seem to be hungover; you’re the forever-fresher. Even if your housemates or friends don’t want to go out, you manage to convince them to dress up nice and get them drinking more than you. You’re most likely the first year from Wedderburn who hasn’t managed to get out of the fresher feeling.

The out-of-Egham explorer

You love to be anywhere but Egham. When you’re not stuck in lectures, you are out and about in the local area surrounding Egham. To your housemates and friends, you are the tour guide who knows all the best places to eat, drink and visit for leisure. You probably head into London at least once a week and do a massive shop and photo spree, giving you enough content for the year to post on Instagram.


Windsor is your go-to

Overachiever is my middle name

You came to Royal Holloway to have the time of your life, so you try your hardest to make it so. Whatever it is, a society, a sports club, a night out, you are up for it. Often known as always being busy, you’re generally a bubbly person unless you have a hangover. You know loads of people and often lose track of how you know so many. You are most likely southern who hasn’t experienced ‘London’ lifestyle before. You try to go to every lecture, seminar and optional meetings too and feel invincible doing everything under the sun. You sleep two hours on your good days.

The course lover

Your purpose is to study a course you have loved for years and you’re a real geek for it. If people engage in conversation with you about your course they will be stuck forever nodding and smiling. People respect your love for your course and some even envy your passion. Upon graduation, you aim to get a job you’ve dreamed of for years and you won’t stop at anything until you get it. Sometimes you ask for more readings because you did them all over the holidays. When you manage to go out, you are like a celebrity because it rarely happens.

The ‘I’m dropping out’ one

You despise your course and often ask yourself whether it would just be easier to drop out. You most likely study a humanities subject because you thought it would be the most sensible degree to do to get you into a good, fun job. You’re a ‘go-with-the-flow’ kind of person who will do anything to get out of studying for their degree. You probably sign up for random jobs because you avoid lectures all the time and need to be busy.

The Royal Holloway model

You never got out of the fresher phase of dressing your best every single day. You don’t know what joggers and a hoodie is, and you certainly wouldn’t be caught in it outside of the house unless you are going to the gym. Your lectures are an opportunity to get out your best outfits and show off to course mates. You always attempt to put in the best effort you can and never fail to disappoint. It’s hard to tell where you are going because you look ready for a meeting and a night out at the same time. You probably drink gin and love anything tweed.

The stoner

Whether you’ve smoked or not, you always seemed dazed and away with the fairies. Constantly getting the munchies, you have an endless supply of snack in your cupboard. You spend your entire loan before you even reach the beginning of the reading week and you say you “just don’t understand where it has all gone”. You’re probably a student who has nothing to do (not even much work) so as a result smokes their time away. In an effort to be an actual student, you joined a sports society and only showed up once because it actually involves commitment.