Students to return to campus next month

Students who are returning will receive an email by 26th February

Face-to-face teaching will resume at Royal Holloway this term from 8th March, Principal Paul Layzell announced in an email sent yesterday.

Only a small number of students, whose degrees are primarily practical, will be invited to return to campus in a fortnight. Those students will receive an email by 26th February.

The government has instructed universities to continue online teaching for students enrolled in courses that can “reasonably be continued online”.

Royal Holloway may resume face-to-face teaching for those students “in the coming weeks”, after the conclusion of a government review assesses how safe it is for more students to return to campuses.

It is unclear exactly which courses will resume on campus from March, but finalists and postgraduates “requiring facilities” will be prioritised, the Principal said.

Students not receiving face-to-face teaching should stay at their current address, but those who feel that they are better able to engage with their studies on campus are also welcome to return. The recommendation, however, is to stay at home until the government review has concluded, after which Royal Holloway will issue further guidance.

To keep coronavirus off-campus, students using the university’s facilities must participate in twice-weekly lateral flow testing. Rules concerning social distancing and masks also remain in place, in line with government guidance.

Find further information and answers to FAQs on Royal Holloway’s information hub.