Six Halloween ideas you definitely have not thought of

From creepy cocktails to spooky spa days, your Halloween this year is sorted


With Spooky season fast approaching, this year, Halloween is bound to be a little different (especially with the pandemic still ongoing). Whilst clubs remain shut and most places are enforcing a booking system, our much beloved SU Halloween events won’t be going ahead as previous years.  Yet Halloween is still important in our diaries.

Spooky spa day

Halloween is all about treats, so why not treat yourself? This Halloween why not create a day centred around eating your favourite seasonal treats along with pampering yourself at the same time (sounds like heaven right?)

A few ideas for your own Halloween pamper day could be getting your nails done or doing them yourself Halloween themed. Perhaps cracking open new different flavours of beer whilst watching Netflix’s new series, The Haunting of Bly Manor. Add those much-beloved Halloween treats like trick-or-treat sweet classics or even find Halloween themed cakes (pretty much every supermarket creates Halloween inspired doughnuts/brownies!) to make it the most self-pampering night to ever happen.

Who needs a bday to dig into this? NoT mE


Halloween platter

This one may cost a little bit more but trust me; it will definitely be worthwhile: Halloween treats platters. Now I’m sure you have seen or even had a platter before, and since they have become Insta famous, Halloween platters are the next excuse to make one. All you need to to do is search ‘Halloween Platters‘ on Pinterest for a plethora of them to fill your screen.

To complete your very own petrifying platter, grab your favourite snacks (it could include anything), then some Halloween treats and a platter board (a large tray or chopping board). Arrange your treats, out of all packaging, take some photos and enjoy! Add a movie to make it extra spooky.

‘Ghost’ someone

This isn’t what it seems- I promise. ‘Ghosting’ on Halloween is actually when you make a treat bag like what you got as a kid after a night of trick-or-treating, and give it to a friend as a gift. The idea here is that when you ‘Ghost’ someone, it is then their turn to ‘Ghost’ someone else.

A rather nice idea for those who are having to quarantine or friends who may have received the more popular version of ghosting and end up by themselves on this night (fingers crossed).

Visit a pumpkin patch

This is a nice idea if you are wanting to get out of the house. Close to Royal Holloway, there are a couple of Pumpkin Patches that you could visit. Crockford Bridge Farm, in Weybridge, offers pumpkins readily picked for you, as well as a Halloween festival to enjoy. This day trip is perfect for traditional Halloween pumpkin lovers and also to take Autumnal themed Insta photos.

Creepy cocktails

This idea is a great one to get creative, all you will need is alcohol,  mixers and some Halloween themed ingredients (think gummy worms, black food dye, etc). Halloween Cocktails are really easy and fun to celebrate Halloween with your housemates.

For inspiration, Pinterest has lots of ideas, a personal favourite is Frakenlime Fizz, a good play on Mary Shelley’s character of Frankenstein. To make the night even better, you could make Halloween Jello Shots (lime, for example) and find the most gripping Horror film you can find.

Petrifying pub night

Last but not least is possibly the closest thing we can get to a night out, so it is not much of a surprise it is included. This is a simple idea where all you need to do is grab your mates, dress up and head to your favourite pub for a Halloween themed night out.

To make it Halloween themed, you could dress up under a certain theme as a house and bring some cards to play drinking games. This is all about having a good laugh whilst enjoying a pint.

So, whilst this Halloween may have not been what we expected, these unexpected ideas show that fun can still be had this Spooky Season whilst there is an ongoing pandemic. This will definitely be one to remember, however you celebrate it!