The Tab Royal Holloway is looking for its new editorial team 2021-22!

Applications close on April 28th!

The Tab Royal Holloway is read by lots of students every month, and we are looking for a passionate and motivated team of editors for next year.

Applications are now open for The Tab Royal Holloway’s editorial team for the academic year 2021/21.

The positions available are Editor, News Editor, Features Editor and Social Media Editor.

You don’t need to have written for The Tab Royal Holloway before!

We’re particularly encouraging students from minority backgrounds to apply. If you feel like journalism isn’t typically accessible for people from your background, please apply. You’ll have training from experienced editors to get you up and running.

These are editorial roles so some journalistic experience would certainly help. If you have your own blog or have written for different publications in the past and are looking to step up your experience, you should definitely apply.

The roles:


In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing every article published by The Tab Royal Holloway.

You will work with the section editors to make sure everyone in the team is writing something and keeping on top of all the latest news on campus.

You will also write news or feature stories, and receive individual training on how to manage your team to get the best articles out there.

News Editor

You’ll be responsible for finding out all the spiciest scoops on campus like when a student faked a Covid-19 infection.

It’s your responsibility to keep your finger on the pulse and to know a good story when you see one.

You’ll also write every week and support the Editor.

Features Editor

You’ll be in charge of writing and editing our banging feature pieces.

The role allows you to be witty, educational, opinionated and creative in your writing.

It’s important you know what’s relevant, interesting and funny to the specific student audience at Roho.

Social Editor

An eye for memes and aesthetics is key here. You’ll be responsible for regularly uploading onto various social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

This will include sharing articles, creating IG stories, finding and creating memes, uploading footage of events and making sure our student audience is always engaged and interacting.

This is a great position to go for if you want to see real audience growth and gain experience in running social media channels (which looks great on your CV).

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to apply for any of the advertised roles, please fill out this Google form below:

The application deadline is Wednesday 28th April at 12 pm, with successful applicants to begin their roles during the month of May.