The Freshers Guide to Halls

Here’s the lowdown on your home for the next year

LSE students call for university to remove anti-homeless benches on campus

The benches are designed to reduce ‘anti-social behaviour’

LSE have paid thousands of pounds to students over damage caused by mice and mould in halls

Being Cinderella ain’t all that

The Tab's official London Freshers' guide

No parents, no bedtime, no vegetables!!!!!!!


All SU nights in the summer term are going to be £1 entry

Finally some good news

Female student asked to leave SU for swearing in front of security

She was told ‘ladies really shouldn’t swear’

I had to go to the doctor after doing a teatox and I’m not the only one

I couldn’t eat without huge amounts of bloating, cramps and then feeling sick

Royal Holloway refuses to compensate students for strikes

KCL get refunded for lost hours, why don’t we?

The most eligible bachelor of RHUL: FINALS

It’s the finals baby

RHUL student makes short film to celebrate International Women’s Day

“I want this short film to inspire women to stand up for equality and believe in their voice.”

RHUL’s most eligible bachelorette: FINALS

It’s the finals, baby

The ‘It’s Okay To Be White’ posters are back

And RHUL students have had the best response

What it’s like to be trans at Royal Holloway

“The lack of gender neutral toilets on campus hurts non-binary people”

I campaigned to raise awareness of sexual harassment and was shook at the responses I got

One even said consent is a myth.

Types of students you’ll meet at Royal Holloway

Which one are you?

We want you to write for The Tab Royal Holloway this semester

You know you want to

Royal Holloway conducts an anonymous survey on sexual assault and medicine

TW: this article deals with sexual assault and medical procedures that may be triggering as a result.

RHUL’s most eligible bachelorette: Semi-Finals

One last round before the finals

RHUL’s most eligible bachelor: Semi-Finals

It’s the last round before the finals

Coping with seizures at university

Helping others and yourself

RHUL’s most eligible bachelor: Heat two

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