A love letter to the Soho pole

It’s back baby

We all know the feeling; you wake up on a Thursday morning, your head’s pounding, your stomach’s churning, there is no way you are making that dreaded nine am and once again your body is covered in bruises you don’t remember acquiring. Low and behold, after a couple of ibuprofen and a Greggs breakfast it all comes flooding back. The Soho pole is responsible.

If you are an avid attender to our beloved Soho Rooms, you may have noticed that recently it’s been lacking a little bit of its charm. Yes, the Soho pole had vanished.

There’s nothing quite like it, it’s the sturdy shoulder you need to cling on to, dance around, or in some cases, hang upside down. All while wearing a random assortment of clothes you pulled together trying to create an outfit to match whatever social you are part of. Floho most definitely is not the same since the departure of our favourite metal pillar.

End of an era

On a harsh September night, a couple of weeks ago, the Soho pole became detached from the ceiling; clearly, like the rest of us it could no longer bear the weight of any more rugby boys on socials night.

After a hectic night of the pole floating around the club, we have had to come to terms with its loss and aim to somehow fill the empty hole in our hearts. But rest assured, the pole is back after having some TLC.

And it’s not just us who love the pole, you guys all love it too, here are just a few iconic memories people have with the sacred pole:

“Taking people’s shoes whilst they are on the pole”

The Devil works hard, but the shoe thief works harder.

“NUCC president licking it”

Spillage is lickage .

“Literally being knocked onto my arse by an agric sliding down the pole”

Your fault for being around agrics.

“A guy doing a spin and kicking a girl in the face!”

Collateral damage if you ask us.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing the pole, don’t fret as it is back and better than ever to make our Wednesday nights just that little bit messier once again.

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Photo Credit: Soho Rooms Newcastle