Pancake Day 2022: the best and the worst of Newcastle student attempts

Can we even call some of these pancakes?

Seeing as yesterday was arguably the best day of the year (Pancake Day) we thought it was important to make a fuss.

Going out for pancakes is easy, you’re guaranteed something aesthetic, but we thought it is important to look at the homemade ones.

In true Tab style, we asked you for your pancake photos and we rated them. And yes, we were brutally honest.

Starting off with a bang. We couldn’t decide if this was a pancake, kebab meat or the start of a beef Sunday dinner. No amount of lemon and sugar could save this. Mary berry would be shaking. 0/10


Stunning. Very impressive that they’ve stacked so well. And the effort put into caramelising the banana is admired. 8/10


A classic homemade pancake. We feel like most people’s pancakes looked like this. Not the most pleasing to look at, but delicious and you’re proud of it. We’re a fan of the less traditional toppings too. 6/10


A trio of pancakes. Basically you’ve covered all grounds so that we can slate it too much. Very aesthetic. 8/10


Disgusting. Gravy does belong on a lot of things, but not under any circumstances should you put them on pancakes. -100/10


Pink pancakes!!! We love. Very very fiat 500 but we can’t help but be impressed. And the amount of the toppings on the table is what we like to see. 9/10


A personal favourite of ours. As if a dinosaur pancake wasn’t good enough already, zoom into it’s face. This pancake makes us feel happy. 9/10


And finally, the most traditional stack of the day. Nutella and strawberries slaps. And the pancakes look perfect. We can’t fault it. 10/10

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