We can tell what course you do from the TV series you’re watching in isolation

If you’re re-watching Hannah Montana you’re deffo a media student

From Carol Baskin to Ru Paul, everyone is trying to find a way to make their isolation just a little more bearable. Inventions like Netflix and Disney+ are the perfect distraction from all the craziness that is going on.

Tiger King – Psychology

You love the weird and the wonderful. Carol Baskin memes are flying around the course group chat like there is no tomorrow and you are all for it.

Cults, Drug Lords and murder is just some light watching for you. There is even an added bonus to your binging because you have persuaded yourself that it is for research. You have even put your lecture knowledge to good use and worked out which of them are psychopaths. Spoiler alert, its every single person involved in the programme. Duh.

Ru Paul – English Language

Shantay you stay home!

You’re counting down the days until the next episode of the new season comes out each week and you get your Mama Ru fix by binging all the other seasons.

While, yes, you’re reading Shakespeare, these queens are reading each other because even they know reading is FUNDAMENTAL. And you’ll definitely be sat with a colouring book whilst you absorb the drag queen. You follow all the queens on Instagram and are constantly up to date with all the tea. Of course inbetween watching episodes you’ll be taking quizzes to find out what queen you are based on your favourite pasta. Obviously.

Mandalorian – Computer Science

With a Nintendo Switch in one hand and a Monster energy drink in the other you binged the whole of the series the day it came out and now you are sat writing fan fiction about it.

As everyone else tries to forget about uni, you are trying to persuade your personal tutor that you can code a game for it and it will be perfect for your final project. You really don’t understand why everyone is getting so upset with this whole lockdown situation, you have been prepping for years. Why would anyone not want to sit in their own filth watching TV all day?

Gossip Girl – Politics

You are basically the British Blair Waldorf and Gossip Girl is like an autobiographical series of your life. In your Juicy Couture tracksuit and your fluffy scrunchie, lockdown is literal hell for you.

Your family have ventured to their country house with bucket loads of Merlot and some board games. You are normally hosting a house party in Jesmond every weekend and are missing your girlies.

Let’s face it, the only reason you study politics is so you can argue your way out of everything and become the most interesting socialite in the Upper East Side (Newcastle). The social politics of the Gossip Girl world are basically the same as Brexit negotiations anyway. You are spending your time re-watching the colourful antics in gossip girl and messaging your ex’s. Productive. Xoxo

Hannah Montana – Media

You are taking this time to become TikTok famous too. You picked media because you always wanted to be in show business but actually have no talent. The way Miley Stewart managed to keep the fact she was Hannah Montana from the press is the kind of PR wizardry you could learn from.

You are far too busy running your social media empire and practicing yoga to start anything new so you invested in Disney+ to re-watch all of Hannah Montana and you are probably trying to make a banging dance for all the sick tunes she sings. Some would say it’s the best of both worlds?!

Pandemic – Medicine

What are you going to do with all that spare time now you have slipped right through to next year?

Get studying on how you can beat this thing and save the world that’s what. Your days are spent watching documentaries and selling the hand sanitiser you stole from your placement. How to stop a pandemic was probably going to be on the syllabus anyway, you are just keeping on top of your studies.

How To Fix A Drug Scandal – Sociology

Crime. Drugs. Law and Order. This is right up your street.

You always love a Netflix documentary and this is no exception. When you are not taking part in online protests you are festering and gasping and Netflix’s newest crime documentary. You haven’t admitted it yet but you are kind of loving not having to feel guilty about cancelling plans you were never going to go too. The documentary has crime, drug addicts and the justice system – everything you love learning about at uni.

Friday Night Dinner – Maths


You are not about starting something new in these troubled times. Instead you complete your Rubik’s Cube while you shout out all Jim’s funny lines and feel content in the routine and normality of watching Friday Night Dinner.

Martin’s classic dad jokes remind you of your nerdy lecturer and it brings back all the uni  memories. You are constantly pestering your mates to join in on the pub quiz you spent hours making and have already done pretty much all of your work.