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These are the seven types of people at your uni house Christmas meal, which one are you?

Jingle bells, wine bottles, drinking all the way.

Getting together, organising and executing a Christmas dinner before you all go home for the festive period is a task and a half. When doing the dinner, every single one of you in your uni house will fall into one of these categories…

1. The 'secret chef'

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Never underestimate that housemate that has survived on a diet of frozen meals and pasta for the past four months. You will soon learn that people can surprise you, no matter how long you have known them!

Not all student roasts have to be bland and cooked from frozen, but can, in fact be made up of deliciously seasoned meat and glazed trimmings – even with homemade yorkie puds and roasties if you're lucky! They don't call it the most magical time of the year for nothing.

2. The 'trier'

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God loves a trier and so do we. But their culinary skills? Not so much.

There will always be that one housemate who tries their best, managing to linger around and get in everyone's way in the kitchen for the few hours of preparation without actually managing to do too much.

Don't underestimate them though, they are always on hand to set a timer or heat up a tin of peas – as long as you don't mind them on the slightly burned side.

3. The 'lazy one'

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This brings us on to, arguably, the worst of the bunch – the one that coincidentally enters the kitchen roughly around five minutes before dinner is served, to grab a drink, before comfortably taking their seat at the table and waiting to be served a full meal.

4. The vegan

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You thought a full homemade roast for a whole house of people was difficult enough? Throw in a vegan and you will find it can become a lot more awkward.

Whether it's rinsing your whole student loan on an expensive nut-roast in Waitrose or throwing the Tesco staff into an uproar when you request to see all the meat alternatives.

With everyone cramped in the same spot in the student kitchen attempting to cook a full bird and all the trimmings at once, throw the extra vegan options into the equation and be prepared to watch all hell break loose.

5. The 'one who will get too drunk'

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"Go on, it's Christmas".

Any excuse for a piss up and they'll no doubt be there, gin in hand waiting for a top up. Gin, wine, prosecco or beer – they'll have it all. They will never leave anyone empty handed. And if you're not feeling a drink, don't worry they'll take yours, nothing will go to waste on their watch.

6. The 'Hoover'

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A full bird, all the trimmings you could possibly think of cooked in industrial batches, followed by a selection of 3 desserts just to be on the safe side, and you thought there would be leftovers? Ha, think again.

In a house of students that have been living on rations and a tight budget for the past three months, this will most probably be the first 'proper' meal cooked in your kitchen since moving to uni, and there will no doubt be at least one housemate who will take full advantage of this.

Who needs a dog for scraps when you have a hungry student?

7. The 'stranger'

There is always that housemate that you seem to forget when asked who you live with or you simply never see around the house, whether they live in the library or hide out in their rooms.

You could never leave them out over Christmas though.

As a result, for most, the house Christmas meal will undoubtedly be the first occasion the whole house will be in the kitchen as a whole – and if you think no such person exists in your house, sorry to break it to you, but…