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The Robbo has had a summer glow up and we went to look around

An excuse to start studying?

Remember that time at school when some average looking girl/guy came back from the summer holidays looking absolutely lush? Well it seems this is exactly what's happened with our beloved Robbo.

Work has been going on since June and a lot of TLC has been given to Level 2 (ground floor), which now features a reconfigured 'social learning space'.

There's also a swanky new help desk for those silly freshers who lose their student cards in Digi.

More importantly, the café has been treated to a well deserved upgrade, featuring leather seating and a tree, as well as wooden panelling to make the whole place feel a little more cosy.

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Likewise, Campus Coffee has had a complete makeover and is now called 'The Grand'!

It's open 8am-4pm Monday to Friday to give you that much needed coffee fix as you run from Haymarket to your lecture after a big night in Soho.

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If you look closely, you can see a group of girls who don't want me there

With all these boujie new spaces, 'study breaks' can be more effective and you'll deffo be getting a first this year.