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Newcastle SU are running a ‘cutting the costs’ week to save students some sweet money

Making everyday feel like payday

The loan's just dropped and we're all feeling rich again. Everyone's suddenly got new clothes, acrylic nails and booking summer holidays like there's no tomorrow. But alas, this fun won't last, so the SU is here to remind us about the importance of a good bargain.

For the rest of this week, there's going to be deals in Shijo, Luther's Bar and the SU shop, as well as a number of free exercise classes. The week is set to finish on a high with a PopUp Shop. How lucky are we?!

Here's what to look out for for the rest of the week:

Shijo – 3 for 2 on Chicken Katsu Curry and Vegetarian Gyoza Curry

Luther's Bar – 50% off bottles of Aspall Cider and £2 pints of Strongbow and Fosters.

Students' Union Shop – Free fruit and £2.99 revision packs.

Free Exercise Classes Think Body Pump, Yoga, Zumba and conditioning. Check out the website for full details and to book your space!

The grand finale of the week is the DePopUpShop!

This will take place on Friday in Venue in the SU. It's running from 1-4pm and will be free to enter. There will be lots of clothing and jewellery so head on down if you can for some great deals. Lots of student run brands will be selling goods so it's a great time to get yourself some new garms whilst supporting your mates!

The SU are also looking for feedback from students about what they feel rips us them off most on campus. So if the overpriced textbooks you're made to buy upset you, or you feel like the price for lunch at the Robbo is an outrage, just let the union know by clicking here. This is an ideal chance for you to voice concerns or make suggestions!

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Raff Marioni, President of Newcastle SU, told The Newcastle Tab: "Cutting the costs week is all about student affordability, running events and offering deals that help aid living that little bit cheaper. A particular highlight is gonna be the Pop Up Shop this Friday May 3rd from 1-4pm. It's free entry and you can get some sick new clothing or accessories all from student run brands.

I'd encourage everyone to check out the webpage to see what else is happening and to also leave feedback on what's ripping you off at uni here.

Campus is not as cheap as it should be, from annoying course costs you didn't know about to having to pay a tenner to replace your smartcard. We really want the Uni to scrap these extra burdens, and feedback will be so useful in getting the Uni to realise this. We want a more affordable campus!"