We asked students about the weirdest place they’ve had sex in Newcastle

Some of you are using bins for the completely wrong reason

Now we've all been there, halfway through the night at Swingers and you've lost your mates after venturing anywhere other than the smoking area (God knows why). But along the way you've bumped into 'the one', sporting some sort of floral pattern whether that be their shirt or their gap year pants and by the end of the night they've agreed to go back to yours.

Well that's the case for some of you, the people who shared their experiences below are just a little more keen than the rest.

Girls toilets in Swingers

"We did a few keys next to the DJ and he was just laughing at us, then next thing I know I'm in the girls toilets with her in a cubicle, the bog was overflowing and everything. We finished and parted ways when we came out."

An alleyway near Riverside

At least they had a nice view of the Tyne

Robbo Library

"Over the filing cabinet in the store cupboard of the media room"

Maybe going to the library isn't so boring after all

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"He had a boyfriend who was also there on the night"

Armstrong Building

"There's like a media suite on the second floor that's barely ever used so we thought why not"

Urban Outfitters changing rooms

The term unisex doesn't imply you can both go in at the same time but props to you

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Leazes lift

"It was a quick in and out job because we were on the top floor and luckily no one else got in"

Claremont Tower

"There's a whole floor that used to be deserted for some reason so me and my girlfriend at the time went up there during an hour free between lectures"

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The cinema in The Gate

Total cliché sat in the far back corner with your date and you don't even end up watching the film. Just stay at home for Netflix and chill.

The Northumbria SU toilets

"Went out with a few of my mates from home went to the SU for a few, then we got talking to this group of girls one of them was on my course. One thing led to another and we ended up going for a quickie before going out."

The bins near Flares

"I pulled this girl on a hockey night out and when the night finished we left and somehow ended up in between the bins in the alley near Flares lol"

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My mates kitchen

"It was in first year and my mate had a sort of island in her kitchen which I tried to get with this boy on but the island was a bit high so it was half failed but we ended up on the couch anyway"

Turtle Bay toilets

"It was in like the middle of the day that's what's funny about it"

Day drinking sometimes has its perks I guess.

Tiger Tiger

"The toilets in there are just too easy to sneak into so last Wednesday me and this girl snuck off for a quickie halfway through the night"