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£1,000 raised in just five days to cover cost of door after it was booted down at student house party

To the donators – you’re all a-door-able

£1000 has been raised to cover the cost of damages to the front door which was booted down at a Heaton house party.

Some unwanted guests stormed the party and when asked to leave decided to break the door down instead. This left the Northumbria third years without a door for a number of days, and their landlord asked them to cough up a grand for its replacement. The students decided to set up a Just Giving page to try and fund the fee.

An impressive £315 was raised through donations from sympathisers. One of the residents told The Newcastle Tab: "We were so surprised by everyone's generosity. We were still worried about where we would find the rest of the money but the donations made an amazing difference."

The good got better on Thursday however, when the residents received a message from Bubble Student. The company offered to pay the remainder of the fine, which the party hosts accepted.

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The house remain calm and collected

They later told us: "The best part of this is that we can now afford to eat more than toast for the next six months."

With their current, expensive track record, it seemed that another party would never be back on the cards but plans for the next event are now well underway after the unexpected stroke of luck continued. Bubble Student said they would also sponsor a second party for the house, offering to pay for everything from lights and alcohol to a DJ and, more importantly, a bouncer.

The housemates have dubbed the company as their "actual fairy godmother", and cant wait to celebrate their good luck, hopefully this time with more dancing, less drama and even better, a front door.

A spokesperson from Bubble Student said: "We were at Bubble HQ when our CEO came across The Tab Newcastle's story about the unfortunate 'broken door' situation on Instagram.

"We're launching a house party series across the UK and we thought what better way to kick it off than to help them out (and hope no one kicks in a door at one of our parties!) They've had a hectic week dealing with police, landlords and angry guarantors so once we've fixed their door we'll be throwing them a 'new door party' as part of our series. Stay tuned…"