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We interviewed the Newcastle students who won 20k

To find out what they’re doing with the cash

It is literally every students dream to have free accommodation whilst at uni as it's the main drain on many of our bank accounts, and for these lucky lads this dream has come true. The nationwide student housing app Bubble Student put on a competition last month to win a whopping £20,000, all they had to do was make a video and get as many likes as they could.

These Newcastle students clearly hit the nail on the head with their snappy vid, landing them the hefty prize. We interviewed them to see what they had to say…

Free Rent Competition Reveal

Imagine waking up next to £20,000 on Valentines day ❤️?

Posted by Bubble Student on Thursday, February 15, 2018

What halls are guys you in?

We are dotted all over the place to be honest, mostly from Marris House and Turner Court.

What year are you in?

1st but three of us had a year out.

How did you meet?

Two of us are both from Bristol so have known each other a while, then we all became mates in Freshers' really.

Where are you living next year?

Managed to get a beauty of a house on Holly Avenue in Jesmond. Seven blokes in there next year though, doubt it will be beautiful for long.

What made you enter the Bubble competition?

Some bloke at a housing fair shoved a clipboard under my nose and I signed is up without really knowing what it was to be honest.

Tell us about your video…

We pretty much did the video in about four hours. We were tying to think of all these elaborate, high budget ideas so we could smash the likes but in the end we went simple and it worked.

PLEASE LIKE THIS SHIT VIDEO TO HELP US WIN 20KGot a chance to win a years worth of rent next year from Bubble Student. Competing with 10 other houses to get the most likes so if you could like this and my housemates ones Joshua Hyams Ssekasi Joey Grocock Finn Arbuckle Oli Judson Dylan Wells Dan Farthing thatd be blessed as wouldnt mind 20k x

Posted by Charlie Lilley on Friday, February 2, 2018

What was your reaction when you found out you won?

Went pretty mad as you can imagine, still can't quite believe it to be honest.

Do you get the money or does your accommodation just get paid for?

Think Bubble Student just pay for the accommodation. Don't think it'd be a great idea giving seven blokes twenty grand straight up.

Are you planning any huge parties to celebrate?

YES. Few of us are twenty one pretty early doors so planning a big blow out!

What are you going to spend the extra cash on?

Thinking about getting some cool shit for the house, hot tub maybe.

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Can we come to your party?

Nah guest list only.

Has the money gone to your head yet?

I'd like to think it won't but we'll see.

Twenty grand could buy you six thousand, six hundred and sixty six trebs, you tempted?

To be fair, I can see most of it going on that sort of thing.

Where is your go to Newcastle night out?

I reckon we probably end up at Cosmic the most.

Have lots of girls suddenly taken an interest since your new found fortune?

Uh still waiting on the girls actually.

Have you thought about hiring Debbie Dumpling with the winnings?

Christ, had to Google who that was, wish I hadn't.