NUSU Elections 2018: Meet the candidates for Athletics Union Officer

They’re on the ball

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From making the teams more approachable for beginners, to providing team members with free breakfasts, these candidates have bold ideas for the Newcastle University sports world. Here they are, along with their manifesto and campaign videos so you know exactly who to vote for in this year's Athletics Union elections.

Max Sharp

Studies: History (MA)

"I believe that everyone deserves to have the support and opportunity to participate in sport and will work on behalf of all those who feel restricted from joining in."

Max's manifesto in five points:

1. Increasing accessibility in sports clubs through both improving beginners programmes and freeing Wednesday afternoons.

2. Allocating funds more fairly, based on performance and development and increasing participation.

3. Making the Sports Centre more available through cheaper membership.

4. Improving support for our athletes through both improved transport to matches and increased food and nutritional support.

5. A completely new approach to Stan Calvert.

Max is currently president of the University Fencing Club.

Max's campaign video:

Here it is:The only signing NUSU needs this season. #AnnounceSharpManifesto Link: to vote for Max Sharp for AU Officer when voting opens on Monday: x

Posted by Max Sharp on Friday, March 2, 2018

Read Max's full manifesto here.

Zach Thomas

Studies: Business Management

"Playing sport here has been the best thing about University, and I want to make sure that it's the same for any student who comes here and decides join a team. Also, I'm not at all ready to leave Uni. Another year here would be something special, especially in such an important role."

Zach's manifesto in five points:

1. No more waiting on away days.

2. Improving engagement in sport.

3. Revitalising Stan Calvert.

4. Protecting mental and physical health.

5. Providing sports teams with more opportunities and incentives to raise money for charity.

Zach plays for the Newcastle University football team.

Zach's campaign video:

Here it is. Hmu for any video edits. Make sure you watch in HD. WARNING: filmed on android device.

Posted by Zach Thomas on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Read Zach's full manifesto here.

Maggie Elstob

Studies: English Literature

"I think I can make a real difference to students when it comes to their experience with sport, and have always been proud to wear the Newcastle kit, and if I get the role I will be proud to represent Newcastle University. In my three years at uni, I have been involved in sport and in the past year have experienced sport from participation to performance level."

Maggie's manifesto in five points:

1. S&C programme access for everyone

2. Providing a shuttle bus to Cochrane Park on Wednesdays

3. Breakfast food at the Sports Centre

4. Protecting Wednesday afternoons

5. A fair allocation of the new facility space.

Maggie's campaign video:

Read Maggie's full manifesto here.

James Anthoney, Maths

Studies: Maths

"I'm Cross Country captain this year, I've made a lot of progress with my own club and want to do the same across all sports across the whole university."

James' Manifesto in 5 points:

1. Improved wellbeing through Welfare Officers and mental health education.

2. More publicity and hype created around Stan Calvert in smaller Sports

3. Restructure the kit process we're cornered by suppliers at the moment.

4. More funding to smaller clubs that still bring enjoyment to a lot of members.

5. To improve inclusivity through cheaper membership fees

James' campaign video:

As promised- here's my campaign video. A zesty piece, badly made, inspired by the 70's pornography films we all know and love (with brief mentions of sport and Athletic Union policies), I hope it mildly entertains you.Xx

Posted by Jimmy Anthoney on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Read James' full manifesto here.

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