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Newcastle University wins at having the best social life in the country

It’s a no brainer

On the university comparison website, University Compare, Newcastle University has been voted best for our social life and overall uni experience.

On the website each university is rated out of five stars and Newcastle defeated the others with an average of 4.36/5 for 'overall student experience'. We also won first prize for our social life (no surprises there).

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All smiles here

Almost 10,000 students and recent graduates graduates across the UK took part in this comparative process. Nottingham Trent University and Loughborough University came second and third in the rankings of overall experience.

With people flocking to the Toon every weekend to party and with trebles on tap in our glorious city, what else did you really expect? At least now we can hold our heads high with the affirmation that we truly are the best and most fun university in the UK.

Photo credit: Aaron Shaquille Carlton