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There’s a restaurant in Newcastle doing bottomless chicken nuggets and chips

All about that nugg life

The barbecue restaurant Rub Smokehouse, found in The Gate, on Monday 13th November is offering unlimited chicken nuggs and chips to its customers.

If you pay £14.95 you can get as much food as you want over the course of an hour and a half.

There must be a catch right? Things surely can't be THIS good? Well…for each portion of chicken nuggets you get, you must also get a portion of fries. What an inconvenience.

With "Chicken Nugget Day" Rub also offers plenty of sauces to go alongside including mayo, bbq mayo, sweet and sour, ketchup, bbq sauce, sweet chilli, chipotle mayo and even szechuan.

So we suggest, to get that crispy nugget crunch, get down to The Gate on Monday and ditch your poorly prepared chicken kiev dinner.