Newcastle is officially the rowdiest uni

One in 10 antisocial behaviour incidents are from Newcastle


According to The Times, UK students have been fined £350,000 by universities over the past three years for antisocial behaviour. It comes as no surprise to us that Newcastle are the rowdiest. Newcastle has the most antisocial behaviour with one in 10 in reported incidents coming from Newcastle University.

Let's be honest, who is surprised? Jesmond parties are infamous and have often been controversial. There was, of course, the S&M party that made headlines across the country on BBC News, Daily Mail and The Sun.

Exeter University is the second most antisocial uni with 7% recorded incidents.

Earlier in the year it was reported by The Telegraph that Newcastle students were turning Jesmond terraced houses into “clubs in new drug-fuelled ‘super party’ craze”.

We're still not sure about the notion of these “super-parties”, we are sure however that Newcastle students really do know how to party.

Photo credit for top photo: Rob Anderson