A flood warning has been issued along the Quayside

Barriers have been put in place


A flood warning has been issued for the Tyne estuary on Friday from 3.30pm with higher than normal tides to be expected due to large waves hitting our coastline, with the highest tide expected at around 4pm. The warning is issued from Tynemouth up to Quayside.

Due to this, at Quayside, temporary flood barriers have been installed by Swing Bridge, in a low lying area. As a precaution, a 50m stretch is going up at the coast in Blyth.

However, the Environmental Agency says that there is a low risk of extreme coastal flooding, but that people should still take extreme care and avoid walking along promenades and coastal paths due to strong winds and high water levels. Low lying coastal roads are also at risk, and people are being urged not drive through flood water.

You can sign up to receive flood warnings here.

Featured image courtesy of Greg Bowman.