What’s the best Trebles Bar in Newcastle?

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One of the things we love best about Newcastle is the trebles – it’s what put us on the map.

When a friend comes to visit, you must always take them to experience the godly invention. We thought we would put the top seven treble bars all in one place for you to vote on which really is the best trebles bar in Newcastle.

Soho Rooms

Soho Rooms is without a doubt the number one place to be seen before a StageOne event. It is the venue of choice for many a rah and you can get two trebles and a Jager shot for £6. The ultra-violet blue speaks for itself.

Here you will always see someone you know with good music and two floors to indulge in, it is one of the most popular choices for many, whilst also being in a convenient location. There is also the challenge of gaining entry to the mysterious top floor. If you don’t make it into the pictures the next day, did you really go out? A treb in Soho also has the added perks of Pete, the best bouncer in Newcastle.

Empress Bar

This is the hidden gem found down the cobble street round the corner from Tup Tup. Yes, this is the bar you got six free drinks from in Freshers Week. The vodka here is real Smirnoff and to add an extra edge you should try the Gas Champer smoking shot. Even Tatler has this bar as its “Top Tip” for student deals and bombs.


Mimo is situated down by the train station, so ideal if you want them trebs before a Digital event. You’ll find this bar to be “the newest jewel in the crown of Newcastle’s Diamond Strip”. Long disputed, the bar is actually short for Miami Moment, so there’s the hint about how to pronounce it properly. The drinks here are strong and expect to get fucked up.


The hard core treble bar. Next to Tiger Tiger and Sam Jacks Sinners is in a fab location, frequented mainly before Dirty Pop on  a Friday. Sinners is Yik Yak famous with constant Yak’s about the steep stairs and cage. Sinners is the place to let your wild side shine, jump in that cage with one of their lethal treb’s in your hand. The trebles are strong, but sadly not as easily disgused by their mixers. Great go to for dancing and fun, just try not to stick to the floor while your at it.

Gotham Town

With a Gothic and Medieval interior, Gotham is the underdog of the treble bars. Friday and Saturday’s are the times to go before a cheeky session in the Life Centre. Known for it’s strong, unmeasured £2.50 trebles and pungent smell. The stairs here are pretty big, but they have a juke box so you can make the night your own.


Opposite Soho Rooms and a favourite with the Geordie Shore cast. This bar is banging with locals on the weekend and you can get three trebs for a £5.50. They also held a Miss Bijoux competition last week which gives you an idea of the vibe you get there.

Circuit 1

Circuit 1 is having a re-launch this Saturday. Decked out with two poles and a well known smoking area, this treble bar is well worth your time. Even more dingy than Sinners, but its dead cheap with a student card.