The smoking area makes Swingers the best night out in Newcastle

No wonder the queues reach Soho Rooms every Thursday


It’s no surprise that when we asked you which club has the best smoking area hundreds of you replied with Swingers.

As opposed to the other amateur smoking areas of Newcastle, Swingers just has it. Trop Mondays smoking area leaves you with the bad taste of Leazes folk, WHQ is a dodgy call between a pavement and a car accident, and at Tup Tup you come away a claustrophobic mess. Swingers is the cherry on top of the exclusive cake. The terrace is vast and cool – it’s the smoking area every other smoking area only dreams of being. It is the holy grail of smoking areas.

When you look around the dance floor and realise you are all alone throwing some shapes, just head to the smoking area. It’s a guaranteed friend finder, whether it’s meeting new people or bumping into everyone you know.

The Swingers smoking area is really the highlight of the night. Everyone is there and you can chat whilst swaying to the novelty of an outside DJ. If you want a cheeky kiss or just a chillax this is the place to be. Its also the best place to bum a free cigarette.

Even non-smokers love it. Smokers are not left outside alone with a lack of atmosphere and the rain making their cigarette even harder to light. Everyone is together, breezily dancing to the electric mix of tunes and catching up with the friends they haven’t seen in ages. It’s like being back in the good old days when everyone could smoke inside, because the smoking area is where the real fun happens.

Already feeling like your typical legend deciding to go out on a Thursday as well as a Friday, the pics of you against the backdrop of painted over bricks and boarded up windows makes you a real BNOC. Don’t forget the Adidas. With grime being the new chic even Ricky Road will feel at home here.

And the photos, the beautifully edited Swingers smoking area photos. No drama goes unmissed. The cameraman mingles throughout the vast smoking area snapping up all of the squads and the snogs. It’s always a good day when Swingers upload their photo album from the last messy Thursday.

In this one area you see university life plan out. You have the “oh I’m so used to this” cool and collected third and second years. Whereas the freshers run around exclaiming with joy and not quite containing their excitement. You see the Jesmond royalty puffing on their luxury Marlborough Golds and the broke freshers coming to terms with rolling their Amber Leaf.

Love or hate smoking, this is really a place you can’t miss out on.