Is PDA ever acceptable?

‘It makes me realise how alone and sad I really am’

We’ve all been there: you’re minding your own business around campus and you see a couple shamelessly all over each other. 

Is it sweet, or should it be confined to the bedroom?

We asked some freshers if public displays of affection are ever acceptable.

Toby, Maths

“Well it depends how far you go really doesn’t it? Like, its alright if you’re having a kiss, but if it goes any further and everyone’s sober it’s a bit awkward.”

Lucie, Agriculture

“I think people’s happiness is repulsive and I’d rather not see it.”

Alastair, Electrical Engineering

“No it’s fucking horrible, and gross. But if you’re at a house party and you’re smashed it’s ok.”

Liv, Geography

“My view on it is that it makes me realise how alone and sad I really am, and that I have no one to kiss in public.”

Sam, English Language

“Yeah, as long as it isn’t too vulgar and graphic. Kissing someone’s alright, but if you’re on the metro and you’re tossing off your boyfriend that’s a bit wrong isn’t it? As long as it’s tame.”

Poppy, Marketing and Management

“I don’t know, I think to an extent… I just think no, because it cringes me out.”

Oscar, Physical Geography

“I don’t know, I don’t give a shit.”

Ellie, English Linguistics and Spanish

“Anything you would do in front of your parents is acceptable, but if you wouldn’t do it in front of your parents, then you shouldn’t do it in public.”

Andy, Economics

“Yeah sometimes its acceptable, it depends on the situation.”