‘It’s all a bit too surreal’: We spoke to Newcastle students in Paris

They are safe

Three third years on their year abroad in France were at the Germany Vs. France Euro Qualifier when the ISIS attacks on Paris occurred. Iwan, Sandy and Andre have confirmed they are safe and well.

Around 80 minutes into the game the explosions took place. Iwan told The Tab: “We heard three loud bangs during the game, but thought nothing of it. We just thought it was fireworks or the like”.

Rhys is on his year abroad in Paris

As the game drew to a close, Rhys and his friends made their way out of the stadium. “Still oblivious to it we left at 87 minutes, to try and get ahead of everyone pouring out of the stadium.

“It’s all a bit too surreal”

Iwan’s view in the stadium

“Only when we were waiting for the train did we hear what had happened.

“Ten minutes later they had closed all metro stations as people began to run from the stadium”.

Iwan and his friends are still in Paris. He told The Tab: “Central Paris is eerily quiet. All the shop on Champs Élysée are closed, no museums or monuments are open so very few people have a reason to be out, although tourists are still walking around in places and the Montmartre is quite busy.

“The lights of the Eiffel Tower have been switched off “.

“President Hollande has come out very defensive, which the French like. There is now a huge military presence around central paris”.

The mood is very sombre and “many people have gathered around Sacre Couer to pray for those affected by the attacks”.