Nexus announces they will fix smelly Metro station on Monday

Now we know why it stank

Since the beginning of summer the Jesmond metro station has had a distinctive whiff.
But Nexus, the company that runs the Metro, has now announced they will carry out work on Monday night to clean up that smell of “out of date milk”.


On Friday afternoon Nexus told The Tab they suspected it was an issue with the drains but weren’t able to confirm for certain if this was the case. A Nexus spokesman said “We are aware of this problem and we are investigating it.

“At this stage it looks like an issue with one of the drains in the central area Metro tunnels which run beneath the streets of Newcastle. We will get this problem rectified as quickly as possible.”

Nexus have since confirmed that work will be taking place on Monday night to resolve the issue. You can take the pegs off your noses.

A Nexus spokesman said: “The problem has been identified as a blocked drain and will be fixed by Monday.”

The work will be done during track access hours so shouldn’t cause any delays.

Beth can breathe easy

Urban Planner second year Beth Boultwood said she was relieved it was being fixed: “It will be nice not to smell it again. But at the same time it was something to talk about on the Metro.”