Robbo’s naked horseman was a no show

Excited procrastinators left feeling unstable

Hundreds gathered in reception to see if the Naked Horse would carry out his promise and streak through floor TWO of the Robinson Library at 4pm today.

But alas, he never showed.

Earlier today an anonymous finalist declared that as he had finished uni today, he would don a horse mask and do a naked sprint through ground level.

Yik Yak erupted, and at its peak, the offending Yik Yak had 957 upvotes.

At 3:55pm, people began to gather. Becca, third year said: “most people were trying to look as if they just happened to be walking through, but you could tell by their little mischievous smiles”.

Crowds begin to emerge

The clock struck 4pm and the reception was a hive of activity.

She knows

By 4:10pm, the dream was over and angry Yakkers took to the app to vent their distress:

Some tried to lighten the mood with some jokes:

Henry, third year, told the Tab that “upstairs was deserted”, which at this stage in the exam period is highly unusual.

The thoughts of the few upstairs

Two onlookers told the Tab that they were outside and the Horseman, fully clothed and without a mask, approached them.

They said: “he showed us his phone with the Yik Yak on it. We tried to convince him to go through with it but he just laughed, got on his bike and cycled home”.