BNOC of the Year 2015: Group Four

Have you been nominated as a Big Name in Newcastle?

Your nominations just keep on coming, so vote for your favourite.

Tom Willis

Tom Willis, known as Tory Tom and self-proclaimed Mr Jesmond, is sure to win the majority vote. Although don’t let his love for the Conservatives fool you, there’s nothing conservative about this publicly educated and particularly popular party animal.

Known for pre-drinking on prosecco and lunch time wanks in the library, the only thing he hates more than Ed Balls is missing swingers on a Thursday night. A self-confessed “shagaholic”, he loves cricket, lager, house parties and succulent nipples.

I’m sure you’ve seen him in Jesmond, as he never strays too far from the Osbourne Road (apart from when he’s on the Kings Road). So, if you’ve seen his weird trout like face around, don’t be silly and give him a vote.

George Jeavons-Fellows

He’s a fight night champ, good looking, great facial hair and a personality that could charm Queen Liz herself. What more could you want?

Ailie Walker

This third year English Lit and Classics student will leave you with a lasting impression. The most basic of all white bitches, she’s on first name basis with all Starbucks employees and only visits the library for the social.

Her infectious personality, distinctive laugh and that Moroccan sunset hair makes her a hard one to miss. Social Tennis social sec, Agric Netball and LGBT captain, and general Social Butterfly, her name spreads far and wide. A Queen of sass, she’s a hard one to miss. Her distinctive laugh is just one of her numerous perky assets.

Insanely popular with the boys, she’s a lad in a hot bod – don’t even get me started on that ghetto booty.

Ed Clark

The man who everyone has been waiting to see come runner up for BNOC of the year, the notorious EJC better known to some as TUBES.

To many he is seen to be a true cheeky lady wearing his pink Ralph Lauren shirt charming girls in Blanc into going on dates with him to pizza express. To others he is a Hawaiian shirt, gold chain, bucket hat wearing militant raver in the deepest darkest corners on WHQ or Digital.

He is a man who bases his eclectic dress sense on his hero Chali 2na and can always be found roaming the streets of Jesmond in his Land Rover Defender while listening to his beloved Jurassic 5.

Though be warned girls this notorious man when on the dance floor of tuptup takes a very hands on approach.

Martyn Michell-Jenkins

Martyn Michell-Jenkins, the self-proclaimed “King of Wesmond” – a third year economist and a full time boyfriend. You might have seen this “Catholic Casanova” traipsing behind his significant other in one of Quayside’s finer eateries, or lurking around the water fountains on the lower level of the uni gym.

Widely famed for his part in bringing the Hunger Games salute into mainstream society, Martyn is certainly not a man who follows convention.

While others plan extravagant odysseys taking them to the far corners of the globe, Martyn looks set to utilise his economics degree in a house husband role, looking after the day-to-day running of his girlfriend’s two bed semi in Runcorn. Although you’ll no doubt continue to see him next year, making regular visits to his favourite Osborne Road haunt…Billabong.