Holly Avenue burglar steals man drawer but leaves bananas on doorstep

One of your five a day


A mystery burglar broke into a house on Holly Avenue and made off with a whole drawer. 

The sneaky perpetrator visited the house twice, leaving a bunch of bananas on the doorstep the first time, and returning once they were sure they hadn’t been moved.

They climbed through a window and made off with a drawer of man stuff – including the drawer itself.

The bedside drawer contained an iPad, National Insurance card, green “rave shades”, an adaptor, some euros (approximately ten), amongst other miscellaneous items.

Helpless on the train

Hapless Joe, third year history and politics student, was on his way back from a 21st in London when he got the bad news about his top drawer.

His housemate, Maya, arrived back from uni to find the front ground floor window of Joe’s room wide open, having reportedly being forced open “with a tool”.

Joe tells us: “The stuff was most likely nicked the previous night as things were noticeably moved in the morning, but the girls only saw the window open in the afternoon, so maybe they came back”.

Joe, the former owner of the drawer, says: “To be honest most of it was useless, lots of coppers and other man-drawer items.

“There were a few Euros in there if the burglar fancies a trip to France. He could even take some holiday snaps on my iPad and charge it using my adapter. Bonne vacances.”

These two little drawers survived the burglary

Even more absurdly, a bunch of bananas were left on the doorstep two days before the theft.

It is thought that this could be a tactic to see if students have left their houses for the holiday – Joe’s housemates, who were still in Newcastle, saw the bananas but didn’t think much of them.

Later the day of the burglary, Joe’s sunglasses were found stuck into a fence down the road from his Holly Avenue house.

The burglar obviously didn’t think much of these

Thankfully Joe had backed up the dissertation work he had done on his iPad following his trip to galleries in Paris.

“It’s just the audacity of someone breaking in in broad daylight on a sunny afternoon. And that they’ve taken the entire drawer. Could they not have just taken the stuff out of the drawer? How am I going to find a replacement drawer?”

This follows a number of thefts in Jesmond this week, including James Walker’s car – complete with final year project – and a broken car window with an iPod stolen.

If you have seen anything suspicious, report it to Northumberland police by calling 101. If you’ve seen or heard of any bananas kicking about on doorsteps – let us know [email protected].