My car was stolen from Devonshire Road while I was asleep inside my house

Can you help James find his wheels?

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Remember the guy who did a fat wheelie down Northumberland Street

James Walker’s treasured “black wolfracer wheels” were nicked from the road outside his house in Jesmond while he was inside sleeping.

The culprit drove off in James’ prized Vauxhall Astra 1am on Monday morning.

The burglar is thought to have scaled their back wall and pulled a window open, before taking James’ keys and making off with the vehicle.

James and the “black wolfracer wheels”

To make matters worse, his final year project is in the the car, along with his wallet and house keys.

“My full uni project being in the boot is easily the worst part”. James studies product design engineering.

But he hasn’t lost hope: “I’m pretty optimistic about finding it. The federals said some homeless guy has been about quite a bit recently, stealing people’s cars and laptops, so it could be him.

“I just hope it isn’t burnt out.”

They stole his final year coursework

Back in the glory days

The registration number is DS09 HRE. His friend Fred says: “the rims are pretty stand out for a Corsa and it has stickers on the back windows”.

Friends tried to lighten the mood:

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James is now on the other side of the law after being taken to court for pulling a “fat wheelie” down Northumberland Street on his bike in October”.

If you have any info contact Northumbria police by dialling 111 if you are in the area or their crime stopper’s number on 0800 555111. Alternatively, you can text their non-emergency number on 07786 200 814.

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