Get in! Saturday exams could be scrapped

Give us our lives back

This could be the end of the Saturday exams.

The Student Union Council has voted with a 68% majority to make movements to scrap weekend exams.

Hero Education Officer David Morris will now work with the University and council to do away with our Saturday sadness.

How Saturdays should be

The main argument is that many students have part-time jobs, something generally encouraged by the university, as, for some, this is the only way for them to finance their studies. Saturday exams can result in students “missing out on a days’ pay, or using up a days’ holiday”.

Bella, 3rd-year politics, says: “I’m just happy we can have the Saturday lie in we are entitled to”.

Saturday exams technically sit outside timetabled university hours, and with the majority of University services, such as Student service and IT Service Desk, only being available on weekdays, Saturday exams are generally a pain in the arse for everyone.

Jess is chuffed

While last Thursdays overwhelming vote is encouraging, we are still far off from actually seeing the abolishment put into practice at Newcastle. Saturday exams would have to be timetabled during weekdays, which may subsequently prolong exam periods and possibly mean less time for teaching.

Mojan Kavosh and Olivia Ebune both 3rd-year Architects says: “Neither of us are going to be here next year, so it doesn’t really effect us.

“We already spend most our lives in uni whether we have Saturday exams or not.”

Do we gaf?

Whichever way you want to spin it, let’s be honest we want our Saturdays back as a matter of principle.

We contacted David for comment but he was unavailable – probably busy ensuring our Saturday freedom.