Fire at Ricky Road

Typical student negligence leads to fire in Richardson Road Halls.


A fire in Flat 12 Richardson Road broke out at 1.20pm on Tuesday leaving a significant amount of damage to the kitchen area especially.

The cause is still unknown and there is no scapegoat as of yet. Psychology fresher Christian Gray has been tipped at 3/1 as the most likely candidate to be the culprit.

One suspect


There have been several rumours as to how the fire actually started. The most popular unsurprisingly puts the amateur arsonist in the worst light as it states that the hob was left on with rice in with a chopping board on top and the student then nipped off for a quick snooze and the rest is history.

Others say that it was not negligence but luck which ignited the flames:

Not just a stir fry

Paul Bandeen, University Flats Manager said: “No-one was injured. The kitchen of one flat at Richardson Road has suffered significant damage and as a result, we have temporarily rehoused six students while repairs are carried out.”

If you have any information then please e-mail [email protected] and let the University know.