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Someone is petitioning UCL to rearrange Jeremy Bentham’s skeleton to a dabbing position

We’re backing this important cause all the way.

It's been a wild year for Jeremy Bentham. From spending the first few months of 2018 on holiday in Manhattan, to having his mummified head see the light of day for the first time this century, to his likeness being handed out in the form of a lantern at every UCL grad ceremony this year, the utilitarian philosopher is experiencing somewhat of a comeback.

But one person is trying to take Bentham's reputation as a meme king to the next level. The anonymous individual, listed as Jeremy Bentham on his profile, has set up a petition for UCL to "Move Jeremy Bentham's arms into a really phat dab".

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Whoever set up this petition is an everyday hero

The text accompanying the petition, which as of the time of writing has only 4 signatures, says "As we all know, Jeremy Benthams spirit won't pass on to the next life until his corpse pulls the phattest dab known to man. Why must we let him suffer in this way? Just another example of the provost not listening to the will of the people."

"Also sitting still for so long must be really messing with his muscles man he's gotta get some exercise."

Whether or not the petition will gain traction remains to be seen – and even if the petition hits its target of 100 signatures, whether or not UCL responds is an entirely different question. But one thing is for sure – the undying love – and borderline obsession it seems – of UCL students for Bentham doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

To sign the petition, visit here